What if there are no fitness facilities in my area?

Let us consider your favorite fitness facility as an addition to our Network!

FitOn Health's (formerly Peerfit Move) network is nationwide. Our network continually experiences growth, providing new fitness opportunities every day. Members should check back often to the Explore Page to see new additions to the network.

As more members use our platform, we partner with gyms and studios near where our members live and travel. If the desired studio is not in-network, members can submit a request to nominate the facility to be added to the network.

Nominate a facility here - https://www.fitonhealth.com/request

In the meantime, check out your free access to FitOn Pro - where you can take classes and programs in a variety of workout styles directly from home. You may access FitOn from your account by going to the Digital Streaming tab on the Peerfit Move website.