What are FitOn Health (formerly Peerfit Move) credits?

Credits are tokens that can be used for gym memberships, fitness classes, or other fitness services offered by FitOn Health (formerly Peerfit Move).

Who Pays for Credits? Credits are paid for by your health plan as part of your health plan benefit at no additional cost. Your health plan provides you with a set number of credits each month. Credits do not rollover.

Where can they be used? Credits can be used on our website to reserve a fitness experience for any location or activity in the FitOn Health (formerly Peerfit Move) network.

Every month, a set number of credits are added to your account. Each fitness experience has a credit 'cost' associated with it.

For example:

  • 1 class at a local yoga studio might cost 8 credits
  • 1 monthly membership at a local gym with unlimited visits might cost 24 credits
  • 1 FitKit might cost 20 credits

Choose which combination of experiences you want to use your monthly allotment of credits towards.

Included in your FitOn Health (formerly Peerfit Move) account is an unlimited membership to FitOn.

Ready to get started? Check out our support article on 'How to Sign-up' here: How to Sign Up.

To learn how to Explore the Network and see which facilities you can use your credits at, please go to: How do I search for gyms and studios on the Peerfit Move Network?

To learn how to Use your Credits for gym memberships, please go to: How do I purchase a membership with my Peerfit Move credits?

Not enough credits? Check out our article on how to purchase additional credits here: What if I don't have enough credits?